Follow These Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

The way humans communicate is a two-way process i.e. one person sends the message and another one receives it. When it comes to interpersonal communication, body language plays a very important part. As the saying goes, what words don’t speak, your actions do, especially during a job interview, here’s how you can project a powerful body language.

This article highlights the importance of a positive body language during and after the job interview. We have listed below some important points that can really help you ace your next job interview.

Start it right with a handshake

Waiting for the other person to initiate the handshake should be avoided. In fact, you should go ahead and make the first move. This way, you can come across as being very confident to the interviewer.

Avoid clammy hands

If you sweat profusely, then you should be extra careful before entering the business premises. Just put your mind at ease, and stay calm and relaxed during the interview. You should also make it a point to carry a handkerchief with you to wipe the sweat from the neck and forehead.

If you have got sweaty hands just before the interview, then swiftly dry them on your knees as you get up from your seat. Sweaty hands will give an impression about your nervousness or uncertainty to the recruiter.

Firmness of handshake

A soft handshake gives the impression to another person that either you are uncertain or confused. Moreover, giving bone-crushing handshakes is also something that you should avoid as it gives an impression that you are overpowering another person.

When giving a handshake, stretch your fingers and incline your thumb at 40 degree angle before making the hand contact. Keep in mind that the skin between your index finger and thumb should touch the person’s hand and then slowly wrap your fingers around his/her hand.

Make better eye contact

To make conversations way more meaningful, maintain a steady voice and eye contact during the interaction with the hiring manager. Non-verbal expressions like moving eyes away from another person during the conversation may be indicative of an insecure, indifferent or concealing attitude.

Good sitting posture

Your posture during job interview speaks volume about your current state of mind. Sitting up straight and maintaining a good posture represent that you are interested in your partner’s conversation. So, that is a good indicator of ensuring a smooth conversation. On the contrary, slouched sitting postures can instantly destroy the initial impression.

Sit calm, don’t wiggle!

Do not lose your cool in stressful situations. Your body movements and body posture should not change another person’s perception of you.

Maintain eye contact while replying to the question

Ensure that you do not look away or take your eyes off the recruiter when you reply to a question. Even if it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, you should not give the impression that either you are not interested/bored or feeling insecure. Look your hiring manager in the eyes and answer each question with a smiling expression on your face and also move your gaze from time to time.

Do not nod like Noddy

Sometimes the person who is being interviewed keeps nodding his/her head to conform to whatever the recruiter is saying. This can sometimes be perceived as a lack of attention. Therefore, only shake your head, when you think it right; just be careful enough to not overdo it. Keep your posture straight but relaxed and subtly make head movements to show agreement with the speaker.

Crossing arms is a no go

Keeping your arms crossed will give an impression that you are either feeling insecure, vulnerable or closed for arguments. Never cross your arms as it implies doubt and lack of interest to another person.

Effective use of arms and hands

Accentuate your message accompanied by arm and hand movement to ensure that your message gets across to the receiver. You can find ample videos on the internet that focus on the ways to make your communication way more effective with the right gestures.

Keep your arms and hands at rest while listening

Keep your hands on your lap and avoid any distraction while listening to another person. This way, you value other people’s time and effort as they engage in verbal communication with you. You should take special care in ensuring that you do not make any noise or rhythmic body movements that create a disturbance.

You can follow these aforementioned tips for your next interview and leave a lasting impression on another person. Projecting the right body language in today’s business world is essential to speak the language of success with your body.

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