From Working to Travel to Working in Travel

Leh, India

Travel has come to be an essential part of life today. While travelling or vacationing was previously considered to be a kind of luxury, weekend getaways or occasional trips are a necessary break in the current lifestyle. Earlier it was more or less about visiting distant families and relatives during children’s vacations. Today, it is more about exploring new places, even sharing the latest travel photos on social media and increase followers. Now, it is about the experience of travel itself. Either way, this has provided a significant boost to the travel and tourism industry in India. And this, in turn, has given rise to more jobs in travel and tourism.

India, although famous for its diverse cultures, is also home to geographic features and climates that are just as varied in nature. Right from north to south, east to west, it offers a large set of travel and vacation options for tourists round the year. Be it Himachal Pradesh’s Himalayan range or Agra’s Taj Mahal, Kerala’s backwaters or Jaipur’s palaces, Goa’s beaches or Ladakh’s trek trails, there is something every city and state have to offer to the tourism industry.

These different areas for exploration offer different segments for tourism products such as cruise tourism, adventure tourism, medical tourism, wellness tourism, sports tourism, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) tourism, ecotourism, film tourism, rural tourism and religious tourism, among others.

Goa, India

  • Cruise tourism is a form of leisure travel where people can spend their holiday on a ship. The trip includes several ports or cities for stoppage and exploration.
  • Adventure tourism allows you to explore remote exotic locations, with a certain degree of risk involved such as in jungles or long treks.
  • Medical tourism caters to inviting foreign travelers to seek medical treatment in India. This happens when certain treatments are unavailable in their home country or are available as a lesser appealing alternative.
  • Wellness tourism involves travelling for psychological and spiritual healing along with physical health. Home to practices such as yoga and meditation, India is a popular travel destination for this segment.
  • Sports tourism, a fast-growing segment of the global travel industry, involves travel for either participating in or watching matches. In the recent years, India has introduced leagues for football, kabaddi, hockey and other sporting games, apart from its popular domain, cricket. This has led to an influx of foreign team players, and hence, rising popularity for sports-related employment opportunities.
  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) tourism revolves around business travel, within and outside the country. This caters to the management of business travelers including exhibitions, promotional events and business meetings.
  • Ecotourism takes you to undisturbed, natural habitats where travel is made with a conscious effort to cause minimal impact on the original habitat.
  • Film tourism is a product of popular culture, where certain destinations gain attraction due to appearance in movies or shows. There is high demand among tourists for these locations.
  • Rural tourism revolves around rural areas where people get to experience the lifestyle in villages. This in turn serves as a boost for rural economy.
  • Religious tourism has a big part in India’s travel and tourism industry, owing to the presence of multiple religious groups. This segment includes travel to popular religious destinations – from temples to churches, mosques to monasteries.
Jaipur, India

The travel and tourism industry has contributed approximately INR 16.74684 trillion to India’s GDP in the last year. Employment in tourism constitutes about 12% of India’s total with over 81 million people working in this sector. The government is looking forward to a higher number of foreign national arrivals and double its earnings in foreign exchange in the coming years. This makes working in travel and tourism a very exciting and fulfilling option right now. Turn your love for travel into a career you’d love.

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